May 20, 2008

It could be you... in 3D

I've just downloaded Sketch Up from Google and as excited as I was, I couldn't get it to unfreeze during start-up. And then I found a solution which was to update the video driver software. 133Mb in size. I thought, "that's not too bad"... thinking it would be downloaded in an hour or less. Little did I know that the connection speed would be SO slow. 0-9kbps. For the first 8 hours. I waited 12 over hours for this shit.

Thankfully, it worked and this was made:

Piano ala Sketch Up
I didn't draw the guy.

I need a little getting used to with this program. Found it kind of hard to control the lines and all.
Google has the best toys lah.


lesbo said...

i have to disagree with you on google has the coolest toys... YOUTUBE DOES!... hahaha

check out this links :

his voice is wicked!!! lol

_VeL_ said...

you free are just waiting for the sem to start is it? lol

anyway, i asked my coll dy. thy said the application haven even start yet lor. cz this year next sem haven even fly there yet. -.-'

it's still early yet. -.-''

we will have a briefing when the application is open. haha. do not worry, thy said.