May 18, 2008

I'm on a DSLR hunt... help

I went to Ebay Malaysia to research prices and found it to be cheaper than shashinki.
This ebayer called miyamondo looks like a dependable seller. Anyone of you bought stuff from this dude before? Feedback appreciated. I know I can check from ebay, but there's nothing like asking for yourself. It is, after all, a 2000 MYR purchase. I don't have a substantial amount for a budget right now though. But it's a different story if I can get my parents to sponsor an amount :)

I figure I'd stick with a less advanced, entry level camera. Like Nikon D50 or D60... But I prefer D40. Then for Canon, I'm looking at 350D or 400D. 450D is quite tempting though.

I have lots of questions... Nikon or Canon? What should I look out for when buying a DSLR for the first time? Where can I get them for a cheaper price? Which would you recommend (*I don't need it professionally)? More importantly, do you know anyone who knows someone who can get it from Canon with dealer's price for me? Teehee.


David Cheong said...

It depends actually on whether nikon or canon. Reasons?

1: On your pals, whether which model they're using so that it's easier to share lenses.

2: Preferences, although canon is quite popular and has a pretty good support here, the dslr's below 40D are not exactly good enough and limited in fuctions!

however, the nikon whereby anything below a D80 ain't considered good enough and pretty limited as well although the D60 isn't too bad to be an entry level dslr.

3: Lens wise, in my opinion Nikon has better quality lenses compared to canon and the prices for both canon and nikon are around the same.

Although do not limit yourself to just nikon and canon, browse around as well and as for myself, I'm using a sony alpha and of course I prefer it over nikon and canon due to the functionality it offers as well as the carl zeiss lenses in which it is the best in the world!

Well, hope this is enough btw lol!

Jasonmumbles said...

I wouldnt buy from Ebay or any other forum. 'Cause it's still an online based transaction and you don't really know who's the seller and what if it spoils and who's the one that's gonna be responsible with the warranty claim?

Buy from a shop, that's my advice.

Gzhang said...

Hwey ah're making me sad with all this DSLR talk.

Chances are, I can't buy one yet and here you are....asking about. Le sigh.

Raymond Chan said...


If you're tight on a budget, go with the D40 and get yourself a 50mm with the money you save from buying a D60. If you have enough, get a D80 please. Okay, I just made a complete fool of myself cause I'm a D60 user.

I dunno nothing about Canon, and don't really wanna know at the moment.


cheahwey said...

2: Wah... 40D & D80 and above are way above me and my budget :D

Oh man, Sony alpha lenses are expensive.. but thanks for the input.

davors said...

get a Malaysia warranty 2nd hand 400D...
get a sigma 18-200mm...
which cost you around rm3k in total and less hassle...

shashinki and miyamondo perhaps is selling goods from Japan (i guess)... so the warranty policy is different...

good luck and enjoy...

Meehoon said...

I agree with the comment above, do not buy from ebay or any forum. Better buy from a shop.

I suggest D80 if budget allows. If not get D60 or D50x.

cheahwey said...

Ok, advice heeded. What about lenses and accessories from Shashinki?
No more input about the cameras ah?

It's because of that night with mui yit and you talking about getting one that made me look for 'em. Blame yourself, Mr. Le Sigh...

The "DON'T BUY FROM EBAY" thing was kinda funny :D
But yeah, I seem to be drawn to the D40 (selling for 1700 MYR @ Shashinki right now. Hope I'll find a better deal in shops).

cheahwey said...

davors & meehoon:
Out of my budget at the moment but good point.

Jasonmumbles said...

Will give you my opinions on the camera at a later time as I am pretty much stoned today.

Raymond Chan said...

Shashinki's equipments and accessories are pretty cheap, but if you find in local shops, you should be able to find a cheaper price. I almost bought my 50mm from Shashinki, but mum got my 50mm from some local shops selling for about RM50 cheaper.

Whatever it is, just don't buy it at a haste. There's no rush to these things because the prices don't go upwards, only downwards. And you will spend more than your budget. You will realise that you need this and that when you buy your camera, so be careful of your budget. Make sure you ask yourself exactly what you need and know what's included - cards, tripod, bag, accessories, lenses, flash, filter, warranty (lenses/camera), etc.

Since you found it funny before, DON'T BUY FROM EBAY! =)

Raymond Chan said...

Anyway, blog about your buy before you buy it. Gotta study for test. Ciao.

cheahwey said...

Will do. When I save enough :)

sean said...

im just worried u might lose it to a mugger or break it by your own. remember garfield fan?

i still rmb u broke my dart pistol last time.

-Littlenicky- said...

hahahaha i think i'll surely drop your camera later hahahahaha see your phone now haha

cheahwey said...

What dart pistol??! The ones we bought on a whim from Giant??

My phone looks better than your phone.

-Littlenicky- said...

your phone has more scratches then mine hhaha

cheahwey said...

most of it contributed by the person who dropped my phone before I even dropped it myself..

lesbo said...

NIKON ALL THE WAAY!!!.. dun buy Canon.. well i dun have a valid reason.. but i have a nikon (forgot wat model adi..RM 4k plus tho) and its

Jasonmumbles said...

Canon's colour / image processing is more towards red / orange, hence, most of the pictures would turn out orange, which some people like it (I do.) while some don't. Nikon's colour / image processing is more of blue colours, hence, the pictures turn out more natural compared to Canon. So, it boils down to your preference, which white colour balance you prefer, more orange or more natural?

Another thing to look at is the size of the camera. Try holding it and see which camera fits your hand better and one you can hold comfortably. Both Nikon D40 and Canon 400D are way too small for my hands.

Since 450D is out, get 450D instead because it has LiveView (Not a must, but its better to have as it might come in handy even though you don't use it that often.) and spot metering. Spot metering is to evaluate the exposure value base on one spot instead of the general view. Google up for more info. 400D doesn't have spot metering.

Nikon dSLR are cheap, but they don't have built in auto focus and you need to buy specific lens that fit your series, else you would only have manual focusing. Also, the D40 has only 3 focusing point compare to 9 on 400D. Focusing point is very important in dSLR because of how dSLR works. MSN me if you want to know more. Also, since there's D60, go for the newer model. No point going backwards, right? Unless you already have the older model, then there's no reason for you to upgrade.

Check out your friends and what brand are they using. Its good to have friends who are using the same model as you can compare with each other, share lens / equipments and stuffs like that. For example, me! :P

Apart from Nikon and Canon, you can look out for Sony Alpha A200 (Cheap! RM1999 for 1 kit lens and RM2499 for twin kit lenses version.) or the Olympus E410 (Nice, but I don't recommend.)

dSLR are superbly cheap these days, don't be a cheapskate to get even cheaper price just to save that few bucks. Most camera shops are selling at very very cheap price already, especially at those famous camera shop like J-One, Billion and few more. Be a little bit more generous does no harm. You can check out ShutterAsia for price listing and recommended shop.

Shashinki, from what I heard, are grey market stocks. And again, I wouldn't recommend buying from Ebay. Shashinki at least there are people who been through it and gave some good testimonials, but Ebay? No thanks. I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for that sense of security.

Last but not least, I prefer Canon. LOL. Delighting you always.

Jasonmumbles said...

Oh, for Nikon, its better to get the D80 if you wouldn't mind paying a bit more. The difference between the entry level's and D80 is really huge.

weird huh said...

hwey always about budget budget budget... beli la D50 ...ada quick change function for still pics and moving pics..takkan lose shots opportunity..D70s pun bagus, itu yang saya guna..tapi tak ada quick change..kena pergi menu..benci betul.. D80 tak perlu la..kecuali awak perlu buat printing besar besar...atau awak suka LCD besar besar, resolution lcd d80 sangat bagus.. atau awak suka view finder yang besar besar...ataupun awak suka file size yang besar besar..kualiti gambar lebih baik SIKIT je,...lagipun awak bukan pro photographer, beli terrer terrer buat apa?pro guna d40 boleh dapat gambar lebih bagus daripada awak guna d80..betul tak?..D80 ada banyak function.banyak shortcut buttons. Nikon D200 yang best la... tapi berat...hahaha..atau BACA LA sendiri.... dia ada semua camera yang awak nak... pergi search dan cari...apa apa la...d80 vs d50 d200 vs 400d

tapi jangan bazir duit laaa... d40/d50 is SUFFICIENT... guess who am i ? kakakaka

David Cheong said...

Yup, as jason said! If i'm not mistaken, the body only for the D80 is 2.5k if I remember correctly because my friend bought the body and opted to change the kit lens and upgrade it to a 18-200 VR lens and altogether it came up to almost 5k.

Well for dslrs, they are not limited to they're own brand of lenses as well cause there are also third party lenses such as tokina, tamron, sigma and so many more.

However just to defend my sony side, the price of sony lense and others aren't much of a difference. for example my friend owns a nikon whereas I a sony and we wanted to get a 50mm. and when we compared both our brands 50mm f1.4 lens, the price difference is only about 100 dollars difference and in some shops less.

however, if you are a kl-lite, i can offer to bring you around to some shops that I frequent around kl.

oh and don't overlook second hand dslrs as well, most of them are still in pretty good working condition and some are almost brand new, it just depends on whether or not you accept second stuffs or not :)

David Cheong said...

Oh yeah, nikon ain't producing d40s anymore or so i heard. d40 and d40x will be replaced by d60 as the entry level dslr for nikon.

well i still love my sony btw haha!

doink said...

but if you can find d40.. GET it...its a good camera

cheahwey said...

Noted. Thanks

Jasonmumbles said...

David, while your 50mm doesn't differ much, but for other lenses, it is, especially those Sony produced one.

Weird Huh : Why not you do some readings again before saying that D80 is just some minor improves / physical improvements over the D40x and D60. And D50/ D40? Are you sure still in production?

cheahwey said...

Mr. Weird sounds like Lesbo Gan.

I haven't ruled out second hands yet.. In fact, I'm looking around for second hands.

That's my number one pick right now =)

lesbo said...

heey! weird huh... thats not me! if you ask me.. D40 is the way to go! plus noone is gonna sell their d40 to you...hehe..maybe some old desserted/outdated shop still sell never knoww.......loool

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Maybe weird huh is KaiXi. Isn't he doing design? Or was it art? Mui Yit had to do photography, maybe he has to as well la.

cheahwey said...

Nah, he doesn't do the "kakaka" shit.

jassed said...

Get a rangefinder...whahaha

anyhow, check my post.

jassed said...

I did some calculations and no, definitely not a 450D. Its just 1500 bucks away from a 40D kit. If you, by hook or by crook, can secure an extra 1500, get the 40D, period.

Jasonmumbles said...

40D kit is not just mere RM1500 away, my friend. 40D kit with a 18-55mm kit lens won't do any good and you must get the 17-85mm lens, which will cost you another RM1800 more.

I am using 40D and I don't think, correct me if I am wrong, that she needs a 40D, considering the price, weight and usage. And price. And price.

Patrick said...

I would prefer the D80 over D40 if you really want to get a DSLR.

Between 450D and 400D, 400D is better although the 450D comes with spot metering, DIGIC III yada yada. But, using SD card is not really a good choice because you might need to dispose/sell them away when you upgrade to 40D which uses CF cards.

I'm not against Nikon (I love the colours from Nikon), but if you compare D40/D40x with 400D, 400D wins big time. Why?

400D has 9-Point AF (AF=auto focus) while D40 only has 3! Besides that, D40 lacks of a focusing screw in the camera body which disables the AF when you want to use old lenses like the sweet 50mm f/1.8. Unless, you're very good in using manual focus and you have a bigger budget for Nikon's new lenses with built-in motor. Last but not least, 400D has better noise reduction compared to D40.

I'm sure the very next comments will bombard my comments here. =P

Here's a little thought for all of you, why did major camera manufacturers like Nikon and Sony are changing their high end camera's sensors to CMOS instead of sticking to the conventional CCD while Canon has been using CMOS since its introduction of 300D.

Nikon's first full-frame D3 is powered by a CMOS sensor. Even D300 uses a CMOS sensor.

Sony's A700 is also powered by a CMOS sensor.

And did you realize that both companies boast that the cameras mentioned above have better control in noise?

Just a little thought of mine. =)
D80 is good by the way and I'm a 400D user.