May 15, 2008

I feel like a crazy person

Hallelujah! My late night TV shows are over!

I haven't been sleeping at normal (to some of you) sleeping hours lately.
I've been watching Bones. All that because I didn't get to watch Bones on TV when it aired. It's at it's 3rd season now and holy crap those people left it at a super duper cliffhanger. It's just crazy! Sort of scared me when I had to watch it in the dark. Plus this particular unsolved case about the Gormogon... Wow. The murderer is going to cause a small mayhem in the Jeffersonian. I can totally imagine blank faces right now.. Yes, I am watching you. But no, technically speaking, it's not possible unless I had a code installed on your computer to send images of you through your webcam in which I didn't because I don't have those technical capabilities. There's one more episode for season 3!!

Excuse that. I think cramming 3 Seasons of Bones in about a week can make one go all technical on you. The lack of sleep doesn't help either.

I think I'll go fall asleep doing my word search book now.

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