May 20, 2008

I carved a guitar out of pixels!

I'm back again with a new 3D model...

Yesterday's was a checkered piano and today, it's a guitar!

Guitar Models Revised

Now, what am I going to do next, I have no idea.


Alson said...

Add colour to the guitar!

And your guitar looks abit square though. But still, good job! :D

_VeL_ said...

can u make a 3D house? nice one? lol

it's a suggestion. hmmm.

cheahwey said...

I've tried colouring it purple, blue and of course, checkered :)
Checkered seemed very nice but the piano was already like that. They're all solid colours which made the gig look dull.

Did you mean that the head was a bit squarish? Or maybe it isn't big enough. It DOES look a bit small huh.

I was thinking of a house.. but then I haven't mastered one very important thing that would make it easier to build a house. Gotta learn that first.. then I build a house. Besides, I need blue prints. You got anot? A house is too complex for me to build on a whim.

-Littlenicky- said...




Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You can do stage design like this can't you? Like that can help Kit la.

cheahwey said...

You sick sick little monster.

-Littlenicky- said...

eh can wert make colourful nice tampons haha send ur portfolio to Kotex xD