May 16, 2008

Damn wolves...

Miraculously by 11pm, after 30 hours awake, I was finally asleep in bed... Then for some God forsaken reason at 12am, I started hearing one idiot yelling right beside me. The yelling just kept on coming, wave by wave. I'm surprised I didn't yell back at that idiot and bonk 'em in the head with a club*. After all, I WAS sleeping right there. Just 2 feet away from said idiot.

Turns out it was about grabbing seats for AirAsia's KL to Perth flight. The operative word being "grabbing". Bunch o' vultures.

Now I'm wide awake, on the computer, looking for things to do. What does that spell? It says I'M LOSING SLEEP... and that's bad, why? I'm having my picture taken to update my IC at 9am tomorrow. Why can't those fools retain the picture and update the damn address?! That is my BEST picture ever on an official document! Scumbags.

*I think I know where my pent up anger went. Read: losing sleep.

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