Apr 12, 2008

Why so big lah 500Gb...

I went to the PC Fair in KL today wanting to look for my 500Gb external storage but little did I know it was that big. Literally, THAT big.
The device once laid flat is about as tall as my wrist and weighed about 1kg. It's a baby elephant on power. I suppose I could've actually bought it and leave it at home like a safe but I'd prefer if it was portable. At one point, I even considered usb flash drives but they were, compared to the baby elephant, little pups in terms of size... and size. If you get what I mean.

I got an S-Video to RCA cable today... So all I have to do now is wait for Deng to bring home the laptop (because we left it in the office, DOH!) and I'll start playing with wires. Toodle-loo (sounds like TO-THE-LOO).


willchua said...

If u really want portable external storage, 2.5" notebook harddisk is smaller and draw power from usb. The 3.5" external casing are usually quite big and required external power. It's quite painful to be carry around.

cheahwey said...

Ah...It's all getting clearer now. Thanks, Will.