Apr 21, 2008

What a humungous ass...

The following paragraphs are rants and I just want to say, I'm quitting tomorrow!

Dear Dick Head,

"If I say 'jump', you ask 'how high'"??!!
You know what? Fuck you.

You're snobbish, stingy, picky and rude. You repel people, believe it or not.
The old PA left because of you, the new PA left (after 1 month!) because of you, the Art Director hates you, the Editor hates you, the Accountant hates you, the whole production team hates you, the Host of the show probably hates you too... Holy shit, you've managed to create a new World Record.

I just realized, the whole company hates you. Every staff wants to leave because of you. Seriously, no joke. I think even our sponsor hates you. Okay, maybe she doesn't hate you. More like she abhors you.

I pity your boss. You spend his money on equipment you can't afford and yet, here you are talking about budgeting. Hypocrite. SOB.
Thank God we didn't sign a contract with your sorry ass.

You finish eating and expect someone to pick up after you ah?
You think you're in a restaurant is it? Is that part of the PM's job scope?
You don't like lunch, ask someone to buy some fucking expensive meal from some fucking expensive restaurant and expect the production to pay for it?! No money don't eat expensive stuff lah...

Come on, you don't even trust the people you employed... You don't supply us information, how are we expected to do our work? How are we supposed to get things right? And yet you're blaming us for not having you vet the damn letters before it's faxed? Instructions were given to the PA and they weren't followed, even though she quit, you don't have to belittle her like that. What kind of moron says, "if I lose her (new PA), it's nothing, if I lose *insert Boss' name here* and *insert Director of Photography here* then it's big"? Only you. You try running daily operations without a PA. I'd like to see how everything turns out.

You're two faced and probably lick slippers for a living. Plus, you bullshit a lot too. Can't believe I almost forgot that point about you. My bad.

I don't have as high an EQ as my boss but eventually, I WILL die from internal combustion for having to see you everyday.

Lastly, THANK YOU for providing us victims, conversation currency, for the past few days.

Sincerely (and I can never be more sincere than this),


-Littlenicky- said...


what happened?

really ng lou lah?

whats conversation currency?

sean said...

wow hwey great reason to quit. if brought up in an interview, u might even get plus points for standing your ground. for future job interviews i mean.

do it. quit.

Gzhang said...

Good thing you're quitting then. No job is worth the amount of anger you're experiencing.

He'll get his, sooner or later =)

Anonymous said...

there will be ppl like this no matter which company u work for..just have to get used to it ...i'm just saying it k..it's up to u..kaeshiuh here btw

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Did you hear everything he said? Get it right.

As I remembered la, he said, "You say jump, I ask how high." I know it doesn't make sense here. But seriously, that's what he said. Perhaps he was talking from our boss' POV. I don't know.

And he said, if he loses the producer and the accountant then it's big.

-Littlenicky- said...

no lor i think everyone is equally important lor. whether its only a PA or even a tealady. he shouldn't talk like tht also ma...

finish eating then expect someone to pick up after him is stupid lor.. he thinks he's what? PM? US President? King?

jassed said...

thats the best fume i read for some time. It could be true that these type of people lose nothing, even if the entire team resigns. He still has his boss btw. Anyways, good for you now that you wanna quit. Oh ya, if you still wanna work, i think Shan at DV would welcome a seasoned props assistant like you. He's suffering with the current props lineup (read: ah seng and elaine)..hehe

cheahwey said...

Imagine a pocket containing lots of topics (I'm talking abstract stuff here) you and your friends discuss about... 80% of the topics in that pocket are about that Director. Those are convo currency.
Kinda like social capital.
Everyone hates you = no social capital.
Everyone likes you = tons of social capital

We're quitting as a team tomorrah!

I sounded THAT angry huh?

Yeah ler but since we're not bound to a contract, ciao only lor. I'm just worried about the Big Boss. So ke lian.

You, get it right. And he said if he loses A and K then it's big. He didn't even mention the Accountant.

Jason O:
Oh, 阿峰 gave charge to Shan for EE is it...

If Elaine and Ah Seng are on-set props assistants, it should be quite simple right? Haha..

Cathy C said...

yes,just quit.

*Ynot said...

lol welcome to the part where you have a job. hahaha

esther said...

Dear hwey hwey~ glad to hear u gonna quit!! wat a great news from u !It is a sin that u suffer urself by working under these environment.

Ji qi nei dear~

sean said...

quit as a team?

define team for me?

cheahwey said...

Quit liao! Poor Big Boss though.. everyone in the company knows except him and the Dumb Director. Damn mou goo.

Welcome to the part where I "don't have" a job is it...
But still ok lah.. I have another job liao. Haha.

It's not abusive or anything.. just restrictive and he's torturing us with himself.

I'm part of a 4 man production team. The 4 of us all sama gang wan. I'm employed by one of them. When boss quit, I quit also lor.