May 1, 2008

Thank you and screw you. Damn Pickles.

I think I'm going to piss someone off with this comment in Ep 15 Part 2's page for Age of Glory.

Aenie's reaction to Melvin's sneaking up to her was fantastically funny.

And to those of you who have a problem with the other two actresses; SURE, Aenie looks like she's spitting her dialogue out, SURE, Aenie's intonation isn't as marvelous as Debbie's or Taukeh Xu, but HEY, she's not down right "lousy". They are, after all, Malaysian talents, y'know.

That's how Malaysian's speak. What do you want her to do? Put on a fake accent??

I'd be even more revolted if she did it. Wouldn't you?

Or maybe you'd call her a Fake, instead of "lousy"... I don't know. Some of you can be so pickle minded. Oops, I mean fickle minded.

About Danielle, I can't seem to find a fault at this moment in time. I'm just so glad that she portrayed her character's naivety in the beginning just so you can see how she's grown in the end.

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