Apr 14, 2008


I've finally gotten the laptop hooked on the TV!

*Only recommended for consumption of movies, not precision games and surfing.

Ini kerana:
The visuals are sharper on TV so it strains your eyes. I tried playing CS on a TV-screen-that-wasn't-much-bigger-than-my-laptop-monitor-(I-later-realized) and the enemy was about an inch tall. Or a little more. I died a coupla times.

Movies are good to go though. It's like watching DVDs... uh, mostly because they're DVDrips lah.

*I've a similar titled post called "Success" I have somewhere, don't I? Can't remember where and what it was about...*


sean said...

eh try using a bigger TV, and duh sit further away from the tv to play. tell me the results.

cheahwey said...

Wayar hanya this panjang.. apa lu mau saya buat??

I'll try the tv downstairs but what for go downstairs. Unless Im gonna watch a movie or something, if not, it'll be occupied most times.