Apr 16, 2008

My hand premiered at primetime last night

Neh, remember I said I was a hand double in January?
My left hand finally made it's national debut on Age of Glory yesterday (Ep7).

A piece of me to remember me by.
Please click here to watch because the width of this video is 570 when the maximum width of my main content bar is only 450

Ok, I know it looks a bit ugly on the whole but my nails looked exceptionally healthy that day. Glowing even.

This episode so sad lah...
Next episode even sad. Rose hampir kena rape.
林其平 who plays 飞哥 was quite good also lah when his minions whooped Steve Yap's ass. Only during his first appearance when he was all horny and stuff that his performance was *blech*.


-Littlenicky- said...

eh don't tell me that Yu Lan kena hot iron punyer left hand is yours?


not hot meh?!?!

cheahwey said...

Yes, 'tis my left hand.

NICOLE. The iron was cool.
They're not gonna have me burn my hand when they're not paying me for that particular scene lah. If not I sue them liao.