Apr 3, 2008

It wasn't that bad...

I have nothing but this to say about Age of Glory. Because I don't feel like writing paragraphs today.

  • Bloody hell, in one of the first few shots of BB Park I saw a freaking street lamp!

  • If you look closely in some shots in the wooden houses, little tiny baskets are used to cover modern day switches.

  • The scene where the showgirl dropped her things and the horny uncle was eyeing her boobs, yeah, that uncle is known as "Uncle" on the set of Age of Glory (AOG). He appeared in Ah Long if you remember him.

  • The riot scenes were pretty bad... I guess there weren't enough extras.

  • One thing that disturbed me the most was the lighting they did for the kerosene lamp when Yu Lan and Yu Tao went looking for Yu Tao's lover boy. It was SO fake. The flickering when Yu Lan's moving, I understand. But not when she's standing still?!

  • Did anybody manage to catch the Englishman say "Oh shit Bullshit" when the rubber tappers were charging at him??

  • Keep a look out for those green dangling lights... maybe count how many times they've appeared. It might be fun.


jassed said...

Haha, maybe the old folks at Censorship Malaysia would catch it and there goes the entire series. Anyways, I was more concentrated in the flow of the story and paid less attention to technicalities. Though Janet Khoo's Malay slanged Canto was cute..

cheahwey said...

Was it Malay?
I thought it sounded English.. haha

jassed said...

anyways, it sounded foreign lah. heh.

Matchfingers said...

The Englishman was actually mentioned 'bullshit' instead of 'oh shit' to those bunch of rubber tappers..

cheahwey said...