Apr 25, 2008

I wonder if I'll get to meet Carmen Soo...

This is so exciting!!

3 events lined up for this year and all involves hot and half naked chicks! Wooo!
If only I was a guy. But, no. It doesn't have to be like this lah. I can be a girl and ogle at other girls' asses wert.

I'm going to be involved in 3 events this year; a pageant, a lingerie show and fashion week.

At least now there's more to life than stoning at home and going on-line.


-Littlenicky- said...


cheahwey said...

She seems to be doing more acting now though.. I hope she does Fashion Week!

Nicole said...

fashion week not sure lah but i know she wont do bikini lor. last time she didnt join miss malaysia cuz was shy so pose in bikini...

she go fashion show see see look look saw saw also nvm lah hehe.. can see her also..

cheahwey said...