Apr 13, 2008

I won... !! 40 CENTS !! ... in Mahjong yesterday

I have yet to reach the point where I can take photos and be able to focus on the game, all at the same time. Hence, the lack of photos.

I played with the same "kaki"s again and like I said before, we played with $kaching$ this time. Of course play small small lah. I won RM0.40! Jonathan, RM0.80 and Gramma, RM1.40. The last "kaki", Jamie, won -RM2.60! Foo-lau-eh...

Jonathan & Mahjong


Gzhang said...

Your American cousin can play mahjong???!!!

Puts me to shame, really.

The guy's staying here long term or what? So nice that he gets to go abroad for so long

cheahwey said...

If you say so... SHAME ON YOU.

His sis is coming in June and they both leave in August.

-Littlenicky- said...

teing din play ar?

cheahwey said...

You think she would play anot? Her lover play then she'll play or watch la.. if not she also 懒得理我们。