Apr 26, 2008

I feel... unemployed.

Thank you to the 10 people (so far) for answering the Nuffnang developed Smart Poll (kind of name the government would give to a project hor?) which is kind of mine actually.
It helped a lot.

Anybody else who visits, please, feel free to take the poll so this woman at Convicted Freedom, can serve you better.

Grey's Anatomy Episode 12 is out. AaAaaaaAAAaHhHH!
*runs around in circles*

Comedy and revolt, all in one... Yeah.


Guess what I'm doing right now.

Restless. Easily annoyed. Hermit. Fat.

Jawapannya, selepas ini.

Sigh. It's just that, I quit my job 4 days ago and I still haven't started work on this project.
I think I'm suffering from withdrawal.

3rd of May is 6 days away!
"What's going on on the 3rd of May?!" you ask.

They're having an Age of Glory promo in Sungai Wang ah!
The current plan is to pretend to be fans and go on stage to get autographs. *chuckle*

That reminds me. I have to frame my AoG poster. All signed, baby!

*Boy, I'm really documenting my life here.

Jawapannya ialah...



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