Apr 12, 2008

How much for that processor?

I might be going to the PC Fair tomorrow to look at laptop computers. On one hand, I would like to go and get a 500Gb, if not 300Gb external storage and possibly a new laptop but on the other, I hate crowds. So what do I do?

I could go online and buy them but there's still shipping to consider which sucks. But wait. There's free shipping for most of the laptops and stuff. Joy! If only I could see the item for myself. I still feel a little doubtful when I buy stuff online because I can't see the product for myself.

Back to computers, can someone enlighten me on this question I have about processors.

1. Core 2 Duo T5550 is 1.83Ghz, 667Mhz and was released in Jan 08.

2. Core 2 Duo T7250 is 2.0Ghz, 800Mhz and was released in Sept 07. But this computer manufacturer is charging extra to have this processor installed in laptop computers.

Which one is faster? Why is that? or Why is the Jan 08 model slower than the Sept 07 model?


Jasonmumbles said...


Kitkat said...

Yupe, I also think 2GHz is faster.

lesbo said...

omg what kind of question is that lol.. duh the 2.0 is faster la.. but what u want to process la until need 2.0..1.8 quite sufficient for laptops..for games? LAPTOPS ARE NOT MEANT FOR GAMES!unless u play all this low def games then okla...high def? u get a 3.0 also will have a lil difference..game loads faster la..lol. 500GB external storage nowadays damn cheap. dun bother wasting money on the 300GB one..and PC fair prices are overrated! where got difference la..just go lowyat onli la.

AND BUY A GOOD DESKTOP LA. laptop for wat...
1. Risk of it getting stolen
2. Its too hot to put on your lap nowadays.
3. jatuh ..habis..
4. and i just got a fairly good desktop.. and i can play all the latest high def games! lol.. ya ya..u're not buying it for games..

The man is charging u technician fees to put a different processor in? cannot be rite.

fuiyo..i must say.. this is a good comment.

but if i were you..just get the 2.0.. coz if you get the 1.8, u might regret it one day when your project couldn't save fast enough b4 the electricity went off akkakakak..

custom made laptop?

Lesbo-man said...

if not custom then might get charge la. since probably the range of that particular laptop model the manufacturer carries do not offer the 2.0 processor.

cheahwey said...

Ok la, I look at it and I can see that 2.0Ghz is faster.
But the release dates don't make a difference kah? The most current release should be the latest model ma right? Theoretically speaking.

And actually I just realised my question should have been.. "Why is that" instead of "which one is faster".

Lesbo, what for comment, go make your comment into an entry even better right? I'm sure Cathy and Nicole would be so happy to be able to read your stuff again... HaHa

Lesbospeaks said...

haha release date don't make a difference la.. plus the difference between the two processor also not to say very significant.

they probably introduced the 1.83 GHz due to the lack of sales of the 2.0ghz coz they also have the 2.2Ghz ..which is not that much more expensive ( and the comparison is the same as the 1.83 with the 2.0, not much diff laa ).

So...ppl will logically buy the 2.2 rite rite just like how u are choosing the 2.0 over the 1.83 rite rite???? and the difference between the 1.83 and the 2.2 is quite big

..sooo conclusion... 1.83Ghz is for the not so needy customers , not like you! lol jk jk. thats my theory ..
here's where my ego kicks in.. DAMN I'M SMART.lol..

and entries? no way man..lesbo had its days.. ahhaha..

Jasonmumbles said...

Google has the answer. :P

See the series, T5xxx and T7xxx. Its very different in speed, FSB, L2 Cache.