Apr 8, 2008

Anybody up for a game of Mahjong?

I played Mahjong with me cousins and Gramma yesterday night while waiting for Age of Glory to air at 9.45pm. ntv7. Mondays to Thursdays *it's going to get interesting from now on!!*.

I didn't really know how to play.. but I got the hang of it after a while. Everyone won only once except for my Gramma who kicked our collective asses.

Mahjong Granny
Gramma so happy ah when we play Mahjong

Mahjong Calling
Almost won this hand

We're playing with real doe the next time.

Hopefully I'll win enough to pay for shipping charges for some clothes I've got my eye on from Forever21.
$35 just to ship clothes from US! And it's super snail mail.


adry azad said...

hah, the game of mahjong. wonderful isn't it? I haven't played in a while.. but i only know how to play 4 'ka'.. and people laugh at me because they wonder how a malay dude in his 20's prefer playing 4 ka mahjong over 3 ka.

bet its nice to be able to sit down with the elders for a game..

Jasonmumbles said...

Heh. I also want to play.

Tan tiu~ LOL. Should change tiles mer.

cheahwey said...

Yeah, it was fun.. I'm itching to play more tonight :)

I was waiting for the 七筒.. turns out Jamie and Gramma were holding it.
My skills not polished yet, didn't know I should've changed tiles.. haha

-Littlenicky- said...

woei when u order lemme know. I got a lot to buy leh.

35usd per item or per shipping??

sean said...

omg man..35 for shipping is a rip off..dont do it!!!

cheahwey said...

it's not a fixed price you know.. it goes by weight.. That rate is from USPS.

Thats why I want you to come back so badly lor.. shipping within the US for checkout price of $0-25 is $5 I think.. if not $6.

-Littlenicky- said...

ya lor.. sean come back lor.. i want u come back earlier also leh hehehe

cheahwey said...

That fella was going to come back but then not anymore!! Yer...

-Littlenicky- said...


WHY NOT?!!? dun miss home wan meh?

Cafire said...

Hey Chea Hwey!

u watch AOG ar?haha
howz ya?nice?I heard direotr said the TV rate up to 8 ar!! break NTV7 record ^^

Chin Li

-Littlenicky- said...

hamster's going US hehe can ask him tolong tolong also leh