Mar 27, 2008

oh the glory of making dramas

I've FINALLY seen the promo trailer for Age of Glory (NTV7, 9.45pm, Mondays to Thursdays!). Seeing how everything turned out in the end after months of hard work is so exciting!

I see the studio set and I'm reminded of what we had to do there:
How one of the set decorations fell, how many stage bulbs the director broke (I broke one), how many glasses were broken, how one technical crew member fell from a ladder, how a cat ran into the studio, how we had to hide wires when they took wide shots, how many bags of peanuts and tea we had to buy for the night club, how Debbie threw the cane off stage and some guy had to catch it, etc. *ran a little too long didnt it?*

And then I see the fun fair (BB Park) and I think about the fire fighter's water hose that went flying out of control because the head came off, the long working nights, the fluorescent light (on the Chinese signage) that wasn't lit in some scenes (you can see it in the promo), how it rained and stopped and rained again till the director decided to call it a day, the stinky toilet at the fun fair, the amount of dishes I had to do, the chicken porridge that we cooked and the chicken corpse that I didn't have the cajones to chop its neck off.

Age of Glory's Chinese title was originally called 光辉岁月 but was changed to 情牵南苑 in the end. So much better don't you think? Which worked great with the twisted version: 情牵难LOU and 情愿唔LOU.

Aiyah, even though I wasn't involved in the first... 5 months?.. of shooting, I guess I've worked long enough to create better job opportunities for my future in the industry. At least that's what it seems right now.

Honestly la, I was bored with episode 1 after reading the first few scenes (can't say how it'll be after editing). But obviously it's biased because I know there are better things to come in later episodes. Be sure to watch until the end because from episodes 30-40 you can spot Deng and I in some scenes!!


Sewjin said...

up till now, i still don't know how u both look like.

u guys are good.

Gzhang said...


See??? Even your blogger friends have no idea how you two look like!

Take a normal picture and post it up la......WITHOUT any two look human enough to grace the world wide web

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

But there were links to blogs and photo albums that showed our faces!!!

cheahwey said...

Well, I've slipped once or twice :)

Until I find peace with my inner self la k. But, why would I want to post a pic of myself when I look better in person?