Mar 18, 2008

Nice Eggs

Age of Glory is now done and all that's left is for the editor and director to edit them tapes.

I'm going to miss Uncle, our sound man. I will forever remember him in Ah Long Pte. Ltd. as the guy with the belly and cigarette and also him for saying this:

*We're on location, having fried rice with cucumbers and an egg for dinner*

Photographer: Yor... Uncle..你的蛋很漂亮噎。。

Uncle: 妈的,我下面的蛋更漂亮!

I went shopping today and boy, was it productive!

Bought 2 shorts, 2 tees, baby oil and facial masks. All for less than Rm50.

Then I went to meet the new boss. This job is going to be tough; mentally and physically.

If any of you would like to see some Age of Glory production pics, go to Jason O's Age of Glory Set on Flickr.


Gzhang said...

Is that you in the red dress? WHAT ARE YOU WEARING???!!! XD

Finally, a picture of you two without the pixelation.

-Littlenicky- said...

waliao finally ah hwey on some girl's shirt.. i mean, girly huahuahua

eh 50s 60s or 70s that time got hello kitty wan meh? -____- see the picture right before the old volvo... a girl with hello kitty sling bag leh

cheahwey said...

She's an extra lar. It's a personal pic...

On the last day, I was a double ma. So, had to do the hair and costume shit.