Mar 29, 2008

I polluted the Earth today

I wanted to be part of Earth Hour today but what was I doing at 8pm?
Having dinner by the road.
Then I come home at 10.30pm to air conditioning and lights because my aunts and uncles were here.

I'm beat and should really go to sleep because I have to wake up at 5am tomorrow. Bah.
First day of shoot tomorrow!! All the way in bloody Desa Pandan... Even more bah.

And then what else? We used half a tank of petrol buying stuff that was needed tomorrow.. and our host for the show is pregnant.

Gee.. my day was pretty dull.

What did you do today? I'll bet you nothing, it beat mine :)


jassed said...

Been typical malaysian loh, air-cond full power, pc full power, lights to the max...

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Go environmental-friendly !! =)

izack said...

hi all, remember everyday is earth days.