Mar 7, 2008

The crew should get RVs to sleep in!

It's funny how work has helped me experience more things.

The production crew is going to Sungai Buloh for 4 days to shoot scenes for a flood rescue centre. It's going to be tough because there will be more than 50 on set for 4 days.
Simply, we, the Props Department, will die.

I leave in 5 hours and I just came back an hour ago. This lack of sleep will kill me. I can assure you. Initially, there was the plan of staying overnight in Sungai Buloh (in the hall where we are going to shoot) to save us some time instead of getting stuck in jams but it was scrapped. We will have to travel back and forth.

It would've been great if we had a class A motorhome. A few even. It's supposed to be the most luxurious of the lot. We would have had to sleep on the floor in the hall or in a MOTEL somewhere with cockroaches running around. Jebus.

What's worse is that place is known for this disease or something: Leprosy.
I'm shitting my pants as we speak. Apparently, it's a flesh eating bacteria. But I don't know much. All I know is it's infectious. Dude... not cool.

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jassed said...

Guess its time i need to park one at the company...Chrystal's place suddenly became another refugee center, for the new project.