Feb 12, 2008

When will it stop? Probably NEVER.

Got harassed AGAIN.

You fucking "Amoi" me one more time, I'll slam your head into the fucking pavement.

My mum told me to ignore.

If there are 10 million ball-less men in Malaysia, am I suppose to put up with that many?! **

I don't want to run into numb-nuts like those every time I go out. I've even made sure I don't go out wearing anything "revealing" because I do not want to subject myself to that sort of attention.

I can't ignore it because I have pride. I refuse to let him treat me like this just so he can feed his already inflated ego and show off to his dumb friends.
I respect myself enough to not let men think they can demean women like this and expect her to just take it.

It's not a compliment when some fucktard wolf whistles at you or smiles (like a perverted scum-bag) at you. They do that to anything with boobs.

And one more thing, not all Chinese girls are called and like to be called "Amoi".

It's like calling every Chinese man Bruce Lee and expecting him to be a Kung Fu master. It's ignorant.

However, according to the typical harassers' substandard reasoning, I'm a Chinese girl... so... I MUST be called "Amoi" because I have no given name.
Of course, they COULDN'T just call me "Cik" or "Adik"... Oh, no no no no no... because then I wouldn't know that they were harassing ME!

After the pond scum opened his filthy mouth, my decision at that moment was to just walk away. A split second after, I changed my mind.

I took a step backwards and got back with a "... and you can go to hell".
It probably didn't faze him one bit but I was in the car envisioning how everything would've went had I went over and punched him in the balls or threw my ice-cream at him or vandalized his kapcai bike or just smiled and flipped him.

At the same time, I was glad that what I said had no effect on him when I saw him walking inside, away from us, because we parked right in front of that motherfucker and I had my Mum with me.

I guess I'll run for the wrench and pop a few heads if that ever happens.

Sometimes I feel like an only child.

Actually, this feeling was almost non-existent until last year. More specifically, when Sean left and Deng had Bernard.

It's a weird feeling.

** I've allocated 5 million as the imaginary number of good men left in Malaysia.

Ps. I'm an adult now and I just hope you won't nag or tap me when I curse.
It upsets me even more.


_VeL_ said...

wah! 'zhou dak hou' ar..did u really said that to the guy that called u Amoi? im proud of u! lol

* Sean left, deng have bernard, but u have us!Nicole, me, siok wah, gua zhang..samore......hehe.

siok wah said...

haha..i know it's kinda pissed off when people do that to you..but do u know once, few years back..i pointed middle finger back to them cuz they were on the road..then they drove back and look so pissed off, i quickly ran back inside..LOL..

And PC is right..YOo..U still have us ok..

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Last time I was on the road with wan chier and sim ai. It was a lil jammed. Then this lorry driver was beside us, he was harrassing us la duh.. WC flipped him and he just smiled. laughed even..

-Littlenicky- said...

I lanci. haha. I ignore them. Give them super lanci face. hahaha...

I look down on all these assholes lo seriously.

cheahwey said...

Wah riao... you make me wanna cry liao.
Why I so emo wan today?

Those guys a bit stupid right? They harassed you first and still think they have a right to get pissed? Morons.

I was there lah.

Your method by far seems to be the best. (A little better than ignoring?)

I should probably look really snobbish and roll my eyes if I get harassed again. Like: "Is this piece of trash talking to me ah?"

But deep down inside it'll prob still piss me off even if I can give the reaction.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Eh.. But I think they can a thrill just looking at our reactions lo.. THe roll eyes part especially. THey'll probably laugh. Again.

Hwey said...

ignore la means?