Feb 5, 2008

Super good day!

A snake, when touched, feels like raw chicken. Despite it's scales, it feels smooth.
Yep. I got to see and touch an albino boa constrictor just yesterday (Sunday).
I also got to play with the in-house "The Making of..." guy's video cam. It's like the camera they use to shoot shows but it's mini. And today, I got to shoot some photos with a DSLR (without zooming abilities).

Fun, fun.

Tomorrow, I have the day off because Deng, when talking to our supervisor sounded like she didn't want to go to Klang for the shoot so the supervisor took us off.

However, today was a GREAT day because I got acknowledgements from the Assistant Director and Debbie today.
Asst. Director asked for my number so she could contact me if she had jobs to offer and Debbie said to the Director, I was able and don't complain but my Cantonese not "sparkling". So when they speak to me, have to speak in Cantonese and Mandarin but most importantly, must add ENGLISH. I damn zha dou.

Very good news indeed. That means I'm not screwing up my internship.

OK. I beh tahan. Super sleepy already.

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