Feb 11, 2008

Stars do not blink

It's an honour when you are featured in 2 out of 3 posts on someone's blog, be it good or bad because that means you have an impact on their lives.

So far, I've managed to top the list for Most Mentions on PC's blog.

Stars blink reminds me of this:
"One-eyed Willy cannot blink, he can only wink".

Make sure you update!


_VeL_ said...

y it cant blink? haha..
i don't want sparkle..
don't want~ don't want~ don't want!

hwey said...

Stars don't have eyes so they cant blink.

If you have one eye, are you blinking or winking?

_VeL_ said...

how u know they dun hv one? maybe they have leh..right?
i can blink if i hv one eye..serious shit..hehe..

cheahwey said...

I don't believe in magical shit and fantasy. I'm very realistic la. How are you going to convince me that stars have eyes??

Correct la. If you have one eye you would be blinking and not winking because winking requires you to have two eyes.