Feb 24, 2008

RM2.2k more to a dSLR!

I've been out the whole day and I'm dying to take a hot shower. But not until I post these first!

I was set dressing (officially) for the first time today. It was an old kampung looking house in Brickfields along Jalan Thamby or something. But first, a Soy Bean Grinder:

Farking heavy lor...

Now, the transformation!

-The Hall-





I like the original better.

I got my first month's pay today too!
Set dressing is grrreat! All chillax and labour... not having to deal with so many demanding people.. that's a luxury.

With so many photog-siasts (photo+enthusiasts, you know?) around me at work, plus I work really long hours, it's bound to happen.

I want a DSLR to fiddle around with!

Vel gave me a quotation of RM 2550 for a Canon 400D (Body, 18-55mm Lens , Tripod, 2Gb CF, Bag, Screen Protector and UV Filter.

For a Nikon D40x, it's RM 2399 for the body, AF-S 18-55mm Lens, 2Gb Card, Bag and Tripod. What it doesn't include is the UV Filter and the Screen Protector which costs about RM50-80 and RM20 respectively. Not including any discounts.

Overall, the Nikon would be cheaper than the Canon even if it's a better camera than the Canon (So my colleague says together with my findings after browsing through the specs).

Although, the Nikon doesn't have an internal motor for auto focusing. Not that sweet but manual focus is fine too...

Ah... research research research... and it's not like I know what I'm reading most times. But a dSLR is a cool cool toy. A very expensive toy but a cool one nonetheless.


Robin said...

so do i...plan to get it but still lack of $$$

Cathy C said...

yea.me too.i prefer the original house before it was painted..

Gzhang said...

You sure you'll be using it often? I mean, if not, then it's kind of a waste lor.

Of course, you and Deng can split it la....though I doubt it'd make life easier.

sean said...

hwey, u know how u break things easily. dont dispute, im your brother, i know it for a fact.

so im just worried u either break it, or got robbed due to your petiteness outdoors...dont think tkd can save u there.

Jasonmumbles said...

There's Canon EOS 450D, which is cheaper than 400D but more powerful than 400D. Heh!

_VeL_ said...

haha..thy either think u won use it often or u wil break it or get rob..lol
i think u will take too many photos with it lor.haha.
55 save money ba! lol

_VeL_ said...

oh ya..i have that soy bean grinder lor..i noe it's damn kao heavy! -.-

got it from my g.ma house lor..

cheahwey said...

Well i hope you'll reach your goal soon!!

The director lor... what was he thinking?!

I was thinking of sharing it with her to lessen my burden but yeah, it'll be inconvenient.

I will use it often la... anything electronic I will use wan... cameras are electronic right?

I wont so obvious wan la... so negative for what...
about me breaking things... yeah true.. but am i gonna let that stop me?!
I havent broke my phone yet at least.

In your opinion, is Canon 450D better than Nikon D40x??

Wah, only you got confidence in me wor... Sek sai lei ah!

Jasonmumbles said...

And yes, 450D is better than 400D and could be better than D40x as 450D uses DiGiC III and many features from the 40D.

Jasonmumbles said...

I used Nikon D40x for about 3 weeks when my friend took my Canon 40D to Phuket.

I can only say, while the colours and white balance are really superb, the Nikon D40x wasn't up to my liking, not a single bit. Perhaps, the gap between 40D and D40x is too big and can't be compared.

However, I prefer to use 400D over D40x anytime.

cheahwey said...

Yes, yes, I had a look at the specs. 12megapixels with IS lens and a better processor for a lower price... WAH!!