Feb 11, 2008

Of Carrom and Cousins

A recurring activity this CNY was Carrom.

I played carrom at home with the cousins,


played it with friends and...


played it with more cousins.


My team mate while playing in my Uncle's house went from a 17 year old, to a 14 year old and finally to an 8 year old - all in one game.

Jon fell in love with the cutest and quietest of them all.


And look, cousin-who-has-a-crush-on-Si-Mun (in orange) was lingering.


Gzhang said...

Kesian.You still remember his little crush even though it has been so long.

Btw, USE the picture i took of you!

It's in my blog and woman, remove the ju on picture, PLEASE

hwey said...

I don't like that picture!!!

So ugly... I look better in person I suppose.

Let them see me in person la!!!

I don't show face wan la. That's one "mysterious" thing I do! Can you at least blur it?!

hwey said...

like fucking serious ah. no joke. im putting on a straight face.

sleepycarrot said...


Eh are you participating in MAPCU's Carom competition in April??? I may be...

cheahwey said...

I don't think I am.

What's MAPCU stand for?

I'll root for you if you are!