Feb 14, 2008

Most Productive Valentine's

This entry title is loaded. It's not intentional. Really.
If you can catch the alternate message, let me know. We'll share a laugh.

Vel and I made sandwiches today!

Taken with Vel's Nokia 7390

After we prepared the ingredients, we decided that there should be a photo opp.
The colours were too pretty too ignore.

We forgot to include the cream cheese though.. dang it.

Nothing extra special happened throughout. *yawn* Proved that sandwich making is just too easy.
Next time, we go for steak. I'm sure that would make for a very interesting entry.


Them sandwiches were yummy! The bacon (boiled, not fried, with the layer of fat trimmed off) kicked all the others' asses.


Can I just say that Cream Cheese is a beautiful thing? It's so smooth and polished!
Best looking spread ever!

Interested applicants for our next kitchen adventure can sign up here.
Tentatively, we're cooking steak. Suggestions are welcomed.


3POINT8 said...

Haha...can explain more on the alternative meaning ar?
I'm interested in your version no.2 (or ver3,4,5 if u have em)

Little Raymond said...

L cooks brekky by spreading cheese spread on the bread followed with a couple of sliced tomatoes topped with ham and an extra slice of cheese (or shitloads of Mozarella) on the top to top it all off.

Oh, it goes into the oven for about 5 minutes, btw (that's the most important bit). It's yum =)

cheahwey said...

"The Most Productive Valentine's Activity I've Done So Far"

Activity: Doing the horizontal mambo
Productive: It's essentially a reproductive method; populating the earth... something productive.

Make sense ah?

YES. CHEESE. We were gonna get some mozzarella too but it was shit expensive.

Which one tastes better? Mozzarella , Cheddar or Parmesan?

Why no greens ah? It'll look prettier with greens *hee hee hee*