Feb 23, 2008

Logo Yes Logo Designs

I've tried designing logos a few times and let me tell you this: It's REALLY time-consuming. A logo design may look simple but it's tough to create, just cause it's supposed to be simple! In other words, the simpler it is, the tougher it gets or the more time-consuming it is.

Logo Yes allows you to create a company logo and send it for printing all within 10 minutes (tops! *Personal experience). To top it off, it's idiot-friendly! That means you don't have to worry about anything you shouldn't worry about.

Put your logo out there and expand your network! Build a brand for yourself because that's what it's all about right now.
E.g. I'd build mine on wit and humour while my alter-ego builds on anger and violence.

Logo Yes has tons of logos to choose from! I know what you're thinking; "Won't someone else have the same logo as mine" right?
Fret not, peasants! Logo Yes refreshes their collection of logos daily.

The whole creating process is simple, quick and flexible. It consists of picking categories and industries similar to what you're doing and finally inserting your details on the name card. Plus, you get to choose how big you want your logo to be, how many lines of text there'll be and etc.

This is mine. Not too shabby eh?


That's just one of the many many name card templates Logo Yes has.
Although it looks great on my monitor, I still don't know how it'll look printed.
If you want to know, find out for yourself!

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