Feb 18, 2008

I smell poop. Do you?

Double Vision's buying dinner tonight at SS2's New Paris. W00T!

I'm going to Tesco later. W00T! *coughfreeboozecough*

I have the day off. Double W00T W00T!

But really, it won't beat going to Pangkor like where Jonathan and my aunt Peggy is going.

I was in a recording studio in Taman Supreme yesterday. Damn, those recording devices looked so cool.. even if it was old-school.

Ohp!! *Rhyme Alert*!

But I was dead like a log throughout. Not enough sleep lah.
See see, after work I come home... Dragon Horse Sperm God.

But before that, I went to the old house... I Dropped Spectacles.
The jackfruit tree out side my house was trimmed and the top of the Durian tree inside was chopped. All the rubbish (which are basically branches and leaves) left in our front yard.

If it's my parents idea... fine.

If it's the damn neighbour on our right... Kanasai. #%#$%#&##@$#^&&^(^^#@@!!

Don't like them lah.

If you think the tree branches are intruding into your space, tell us nicely lah... What for want to break it and throw back into our yard?

Aiyah. Hungry. Ciao.

Ps. Your social circle is so small, you're connected to everyone in some small way.


-Littlenicky- said...

Ps. Your social circle is so small, you're connected to everyone in some small way

referring who?

Gzhang said...

Me, I think.

He recognised me. And also, he thought I was...er....interested in him.

Very WTF moment when I found out.

And the photoshoot theme didn't help.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...


cheahwey said...

Nicole: GZ.

GZ. Yes, you. Why would he think you're interested in him anyway???
What did you do?!

Gzhang said...

Because we were so bored at one time that he asked to see my phone. So I saw his la. (I thought it was one of those moments that imitated wild life when baboons would pick mites off another baboon and that baboon would do the same in turn). And then I hit upon his pictures file (totally wrong move there) and saw his pictures with...another guy. He thought I was interested.

Then the pic I took for my blog. Apparently, it didn't occur to him that it was meant for my blog and not my personal enjoyment.

Those things made him think I was as straight as a U turn.