Feb 7, 2008

Exercise Delayed Gratification, I Must!!!

It was some time in the wee hours of the morning, Jason, Jamie and Jonathan were playing 500 while I was idling around.
Then out of the sudden, Jason offered to lend his DSLR to me for a bit. I took his camera... and something dropped.

Don't worry, it was just the lens cover :)

This bumpy thing just appeared on my ankle two days ago.
Itches like hell.

I like this picture of the phone.
Just cause I won't be able to recreate it with a camera phone.

Hey, that's me!
No, duh.

My aunt bought this rocker for the grandparents.
It's really comfy. Real nice wood.

Honestly, after trying it out, I think an SLR can make an ugly looking thing look REALLY good.
Someone should experiment this.
Take a picture of faecal matter and see how it'll turn out. I think with some skills, it'll turn out just fine :)

Jason, thank you for letting me play with your very, very expensive toy.

And finally, before I go...



Esther Chin said...

wah! your promoting your friend ar?

sean said...

thats a damn fine advertisement poster hwey, well done..

cheahwey said...

He's my 2-... 23 year old cousin who's visiting from the States.
Says he's been told that he's not too bad looking but girls never come up to him to tell him that!

So I'm his self-appointed Marketing Team for the day. *grin*

I think it'll do great as a billboard.
Short and simple with a nice picture.
Ohp! *Rhyme Alert*!

Gzhang said...

You pimped your cousin on the web? Che wah.

And bring Troy? So far la. By the time i get to your place, my car's full of his slobber -.-

cheahwey said...

Having a car full of Troy's drool is nothing compared to the love he will get from me...

A damn good reply I think. HaHaAHAH.

-Littlenicky- said...

hahha if i need another bf u help to promote also lah k hahahaha

sean said...

hey, Troy?

do we have a dog at home or something?

Gzhang said...

That's MY dog, Sean.

Hwey just wishes he's hers instead. LOL

cheahwey said...

Wah.. you think this is free service ah?!

sean & GZ:
So true.

-Littlenicky- said...

not free wan meh? hahaah

k lor.. send the bill to encik burung hahahahahahahaha