Feb 27, 2008

Cutters are like kids. It's a love-hate thing

Just the other day, I almost sliced my finger with a blade. Damn those things; so useful yet so deadly.

I would invest in some safety cutters but I'm only staying for about 2 more weeks. *Yay*

If they weren't so stingy, I'd be happily working for them as a Freelancer... the money's good!! I need to finance that camera! I've decided to go for the Canon 450D! Let's see if I change my mind before April.

About the cutter, I think I lost mine. Again. It's probably the second one I've lost since I started work. Not to worry, I still have 2 more... which I found lying around.

Sigh, I feel like a creep. *chuckle chuckle*

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