Feb 3, 2008

Britney got the idea from Rose Chan?

We'll be shooting scenes with a snake later today! Should be fun to watch.
I need a recording device,damn it. Debbie will be dancing with a snake and if you think about it, "did Britney's people get the idea from Rose Chan"?

Which reminds me of that N81 I was looking at.
Farking expensive can?! The 1.1k N81 the fella is selling is an approved permit set... Don't know how this will affect anything la but I'd rather have the original?

I got off work early today (at 11pm) because of the rain up at Gasing Hill. The rain was pretty though. All misty and so peaceful... as in the way it fell because no duh it's not peaceful up there with monkeys, dogs and people.

While waiting for it to stop, the bunch of them were talking about X rated movies, body scrubs, Hatyai food, movies, explosives and China. All I did was sit there and listen to everything which I now realize is actually a hobby of mine. What is the appropriate term for that sort of activity ah?

Just 3 hours of bullshit being exchanged. Ah...

Now, I have to go to work in 7 hours so I'll just leave this at that, pee and go to bed. Night.


-Littlenicky- said...

buy ori set! haha...

maybe u try find at nokia.com.my for new and more phones lor... then compare...

then find a good dealer taht sells complete ori set at good price =)

Gzhang said...

Hehehe...guess where I work~

It's Avaxx, one of the two Nokia distributors

And man, that N81 is the 3rd priciest!