Feb 6, 2008

Best Reunion Dinner everrrr

The Relatives are here!

Dinner tonight was great. Honestly, the best reunion dinner ever.
I don't know why we even bother preparing steamboat every year. Steamboat sucks.
Again, I was too hungry to bother taking pictures. But I'll tell you what we had: Duck, Vegetarian Veggies, Lettuce Soup with Dumpling, Pepper Beef/Pork, Steamed Pomfret and probably something too good that I've forgotten about it.

It's been 2 weeks since we've moved in and the family hasn't really settled in yet.

It's not even the new year yet and I already feel fat. Damn, that dinner really had an impact on me.
Nicole says I will be "Certified Fat"... just like her.

Oh right, if I haven't mentioned, I've got a new phone.
An N73. I'm happy with the camera although I might have gone overboard with the music. I added 1.24GB of songs and already the phone is lagging. Damn.
Took the whole day just to personalize my phone. Frak. I just have to equip the phone with some games and I'm all set.

Talking about games, Jonathan and his Mum, my aunt Peggy, taught me a new card game. It's called 500.
Oh boy was it confusing when they explained the game to me. But turns out, the newbie kicked ass! W00T!

Ps. My brother's fat.


-Littlenicky- said...

kesian Minah lo.....:(

Gzhang said...

Your house so niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

Must go your place to pai lin laaaaa

Gong Xi Fat Chai!

sean said...

eh sean's room mana?!

cheahwey said...

Nicole: Aih. What to do? Big house move to small house.

GZ: Bring TROY!!!

Sean: The room's closed. The walrus at the front should have told you that. *stares*

sean said...


i demand a more proper explanation

cheahwey said...

I was in a Veronica Mars mood.

The door was closed.. I didnt take a picture of the room.