Jan 18, 2008

Port Dickson was hell for the past 11 days

I'm at the front gate waiting for it to open, I think: "Do I wash my clothes or do I sleep first? Or even, do I eat first?"


11 days of PD is enough to kill me.

I got home, rushed to the kitchen, ate an egg tart, 1 J.Co Donut and 2 Peanut Butter Cups. Scrumptious!
At least it's something different from what I've been eating la. White rice, noodles and burgers. Bah. Food there is expensive lah.

Filming on open ground is absolute torture.
I fell ill on the 2nd day.
10 out of 11 days I was sick leh. Kanasai.
I kept coughing in the apartment but not so much when we were at the fun fair where we were shooting. Must be something in the apartment lah.

Wah riao, I even miss typing on the keyboard.

I've sustained numerous cuts during this trip. Some of them from shattered glasses and some from freaking plastic.
No paper cuts. Thank goodness.

We slept during the day and worked throughout the night. I have to go to work at 8am tomorrow.
How to wake up?!

PD trip completed, but another torturous event came and smacked me in the face.
My phone's screen siao already. It's as if the refresh rate is 0.25 Hertz.
The colour's kinda funny too. Think: Computer screen in safe mode. It's like someone cropped the lower quarter of the screen and pasted it on top.
Just opening a programme takes me forever because the screen loads every 15 seconds?? Or so.

PD pictures:

60s Volvo Manual
I drove this with much difficulty. The gear shift is impossible!
Once, I drove this to 7-11 and couldn't come back because I couldn't put it into Reverse. My colleague had to come save me.

70s Mercedes Benz Auto
Nope, didn't drive this baby. Wanted to though. My supervisor wouldn't let me.

On our first night, we had dinner in town which was actually very far from where we were staying. Very very far.
This cat just came and sat on my boss' slipper like nobody's business. Twice.

60s - 70s porridge stall.

Ocean View Resort Block A & B
Stayed in Ocean View Resort, Block C.

The view from our 5th floor apartment balcony.

We just got home and managed to catch the Sun rise at 7.30am.

The light flickers on this night ala Creepy Corridor
It was 6am and raining. Usually, it doesn't flicker like that but that night when it was just Deng and I, it did.

Steve Yap very the tall ah
Steve Yap is super tall.

Non-PD pictures:

Semenyih Rubber Estate Scenery 1-1
It was threatening to rain but I'm sure the view would be even better if the skies are clear.

Semenyih Rubber Estate Scenery 1-2
I was actually going for the track down to the shack instead of the tree like how it is now.

Semenyih Rubber Estate Scenery 1-4
When we were filming, it felt autumn-ish. Of course the lighting is different than what you're seeing in this picture.

I have work again tomorrow!!

Goodbye and I'll see you when I see you.

A quote before I go:

"You jump, I jump. Many people jump."


Gzhang said...


But then you're working tomorrow again =(

Jou sei yan meh.....


kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

it seems to me that u're havin loads of fun and experience within that 11 days = )

cheahwey said...

Yalor.. tak han sei mmm tak han beng.

I need to hang out with you guys during CNY or I don't know when I'll be free :(

I dont know if its fun.. Maybe it is but it just hasnt sunk in yet. I was always slow in absorbing.

When we had our PMR and I studied, I FINALLY understood what Pn. Fauziah was teaching all year.

Although, the weekends are really enticing. I need a break to just grow fat.

-Littlenicky- said...

I told bird u'r working ur ass out but getting wage of a cow.

He said, since u earn erm... so little (400 per mth right?), he's willing to pay u 20bucks each day, both of u... haha help him clean his house hahahahha xD

Very easy and relax job ;)
Want or not? then i can see u every now and then haha...

kk. haha... we're just joking haha

cheahwey said...

Long hours yes... but we have fun on set too! Haha.. At least that makes things bearable.