Jan 31, 2008

Do you need a permit for that?

Driving without a license is one thing. Driving with a license is another thing. How about driving with a license but the license may not necessarily permit you to drive that particular vehicle?

Get it?

Aiya... I don't want to be mysterious or anything.
"Open mountain see door" "Open door see mountain" right?

I drove the company van today!
Wah lao, compared to my little Kancil, I was driving a beast!
My supervisor commented on the image it projected of lil ol' me driving such a big vehicle.
It's like asking a cute pre-pubescent girl, dressed up in her cutest pink outfit to drive a tank.

If not for the gear shift, it would have been a smooth ride. But that's the least of my problems.
It's pretty much the same as driving a sedan. The difference is that you're sitting at the front of the car instead of the middle. When you park, turn or overtake, you have to make sure you eat into every corner as much as possible before you turn or whatnot.

I wouldn't have been able to do this today if I didn't ask my supervisor to let me drive.
So kids, if you want something, you've got to go get it. Don't wait for it to fall in your lap.

This community service announcement was brought to you by The Daily Adventures of Hwey the Propswoman (Intern).


Gzhang said...

Wahhhh,I'll be scared to drive a van...actually, more like because it's a stick, and I haven't done stick since my driving lessons days~


sean the car owner. said...

hey hwey, the kancil is still my car. not yours k!!

i expect to drive it around at my own pleasure to meet up with friends when i get back!

dont steal me wife.

cheahwey said...

Can learn wan!

I was told, after driving the van for a bit, you will eventually grow some balls, when on the road. That's why you see van drivers driving like maniac.

You cant do anything about it if I were to claim ownership over the car WHICH by the way, isnt yours lah.
You drive the Peugeot when you come back la. Wait a minute, i thought you said you werent coming back??