Jan 21, 2008

Boycott SMS contests, I will!

So my cousin says Cloverfield wasn't all that great. So did my colleague.
I don't think I'm going to watch it then.
I'm sorry, even Lizzy Caplan can't change my mind. I'll watch her scenes on Youtube instead.

I just sent a RM0.50 + other charges SMS to MTV to stand a chance to win a Gibson Les Paul guitar.
Oh hell. I got an SMS back saying "RM0.50 Thanks for your entry. Send in more entries to increase your chances of winning..." And I was wondering how they would determine the winner. Should've emailed them instead. I can't believe I went against my gut.
But that guitar is just so pretty... These Gibson guitars are killing me slowly with their super cool looking axes. I don't know much about guitars but all I know is that it looks good.

Today, work was pretty good. Not too much stress. Had lots of laughter. I see how different this team I'm following is from the other two teams... Especially how different the directors are from each other.

On another note, I'm moving tomorrow!!
I haven't packed... how?!

Ps. My home number has changed ah and no shit, my address has changed too.

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