Dec 9, 2007

Yesterday, today

Rip it off, beyotch

I got my hair cut yesterday.

I finally understood why the hair stylist apologized profusely after snagging my ear stud off with a comb.
Other than it being what any morally conscious human would do, it was also because my ear bled and my stud gone.

Ladies and gentleman, it hurt like a motherfucker.

In fact, when he was doing the right side of my head, I was worried he would snag my piercing when he moved on to my left. But I don't know WHY I dropped the concern/thought. Stupid move.

The last time I came to this place; I just had the piercing done, I told the nice girl that I had a piercing and nothing happened. Pain free.

Lesson learnt.


Don't go to KL on weekends!

The evening started out bad. We took a wrong turn and got caught in the jam.

Oh right, my Virgin Drive in KL didn't happen. I forgot why I didn't drive when we left for KL and I didn't drive home either. I was too tired and I feared for the others' lives, especially when I might have fallen asleep on the wheel.

Somehow, we decided to take a big round to get to the SMART Tunnel through Old Klang Road and Jalan Kuchai Lama (wherever that is) which I suppose was to avoid the heavy traffic.

After coming out of the tunnel, turned left, so we were going the opposite direction when we should've went straight ahead.

All was made worse by the congestion.

My mood was BAH! and the only thing that made me happy again was the food!



Halfway eating, a waiter placed a plate of oysters on our table. A layer of melted Mozzarella on top with some reddish thing under it. I don't know whether to call it tomato puree or what because there practically wasn't any tomato puree.

The oysters didn't taste as good.
Why? Insufficient Tomato puree.

But I ate 4 anyway. *big grin*

Before yesterday, I went looking for the restaurant's address and I read some reviews. They said the food was great but the service was MEH.

From my observation, the waiters do need to buck up on one thing. One guy dragged or pushed the baby booster across the room (causing a racket) when he could've just carried it.


I was going to draw the path we took yesterday in Google Earth; from our house to Jasmine Towers, to Paramount, to Old Klang Road, to Kuchai Lama, to SMART Tunnel, to Sultan Ismail, to Jalan Pudu, Jalan Brunei, back to Jalan Pudu, to Jalan Imbi, to Conlay and finally to Wisma UOA II.

But halfway through Old Town, I got lost in Google Earth. I couldn't find the roundabout to Old Klang Road.

So this is yesterday, today.


sean said...

hwey did u know google earth is not very updated.

you shd have just asked your mom

cheahwey said...

I know. In fact, the pictures are a few years old.

I use it for initial research ma. In the end, I'll still go through everything with mum.