Dec 16, 2007

Wax strips hurt


I now have "long lasting soft and smooth skin", so says the pamphlet.
And yes, I have to agree with the soft and smooth part.

Another one of my little escapades when I'm supposed to be sleeping.
Fact is, I didn't want to sleep. Can you believe it?
And I had my sleeping time all fixed until a few days ago.
I digress.


My calf is feeling kinda numb on the surface now.
But wait, I have something for you to ponder over breakfast.

How can your calf FEEL numb if it's already numb?

Get it?
Or maybe I'm just not seeing the answer here.

In fact, I have this tingly sensation in my skin.

An overview of the whole she-bang.

Attempt #1.
I followed the instructions but I couldn't get it to rip anything off.

Attempt #2.
I'm a natural.

To tell you the truth, it hurt a bit... but I enjoyed the pain. MASOCHIST!
When I was in Form 2, I snapped rubber bands on my arms to create embosses with a classmate of mine. Good times.

In fact, I'm enjoying the whole hair removal thing. It's fun!
I think it satisfies some sort of pet peeve of mine that I don't know about.

I would've shown you the end result but my calf is freckled right now and I can't get a good shot.


I'm feeling sleepy.

New Facebook Graffiti!



-Littlenicky- said...

u got not much hair wert. i mean ur leg isnt tht hairy lol

why dowan try wax ur ahem area? hahaha

cheahwey said...

I know I don't have much la... But the strips were given to me, use lor.

I have seen hairier legs on a girl before. Kinda freaked me out.

Takkan first time wax want to wax there meh...
Must see how painful it'll be first on other body parts!

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

See what see. That area memang more sensitive wert. Who also know more painful la!

sean said...

sick sick sick

-Littlenicky- said...

sean: whr got sick?? haha

hwey + teing: wan go wax or not? haha.. u knw whr can do it n how much? haha... feel like trying lol

cheahwey said...

Sean: When you're doing a girl, how do you want that area to be? Your preference.

Nicole: Not really. I'm not open to the idea of someone seeing me in its entirety. Shy ma.

DIY la.. Veet got removal cream.

-Littlenicky- said...

haiya.. DIY later do wrongly haha... cuz brazillian wax n all they leave some amount of hair wan lor. If DIY then i'll remove all. hhaha everything man. XD

sean said...

dont worry do at night with lights off. apa pun tak nampak.

cheahwey said...

All or nothing huh? Hahaha..

DIY won't do wrong wan kua. The concept is fairly simple ma.

Umm.. when the lights are off, your senses are heightened.

Screw Sight, what about your sense of touch?

Don't so naive la ah boy.

You know you can subscribe through Google Reader hor? Just mentioning. So you can keep up to date.

-Littlenicky- said...

wax all feel a bit weird leh haha... come lah we try together lah haha XD

seannie :
haha... not everyone and every time will do at night without lights wan haha.