Dec 27, 2007

Wah, my aunt very funny lah

My aunt's email to my brother:

dear sean king,1

I am disappointed you cannot come visit2. It has been years since I've seen anyone from my side of the family and even though I don't know you at all, now is a good time to start, no? I won't get any younger and one day you may wish you had known this particular aunt because really she is not as boring as you think and her husband and daughter3 are really quite nice people to hang out with, at least for a short winter break. I mean, we can't force [you] to stay beyond what you are able to endure.

How about trying for the Easter break? The weather may be calm enough for my husband to actually drive out to pick you up. And I am more than eager to cook you some Malaysian dishes (if you have don't mind foregoing good old American junk food for a while). And when you are here, I will not nag you about all the nasty American habits you may have picked up. I may comment on them, of course, just as I am sure my husband will (he can't help it, he used to be a preacher). But Elisabeth will be around to help defend you; she's not always GOOD. Sorry, Jonathan isn't here; he's over in PJ picking up equally bad Malaysian habits, I'm sure.

BTW, I am hoping to visit your family for Chinese New Year. Not 100% sure yet but when I get over there, I don't want to complain about how you, my nephew, are refusing all my overtures of friendship and hospitality! As you can tell, I am not above blackmailing you emotionally.

Will you give me your telephone number if I assure you I will use it only in case of an emergency (although my definition of emergency is a little broad)?

Take care and enjoy the cold and snow. You won't find it in Malaysia.

Your aunt PHYD

1. Sean's my brother who's studying in Iowa, USA.

2. Sean was planning to go visit my aunt and family during his winter break but couldn't make it because of transportation issues.

3. My aunt married an American, my uncle Daryl and has two kids; Elisabeth and Jonathan. Jonathan's currently staying with my family in Malaysia.


So funny.

I'm sleeping extra early today!


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Whoa, she's a master at inducing guilt trips! Hahahahahahahahahaha

-Littlenicky- said...

cool aunt :)

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jason, zhang, nicole: Yep :D