Dec 8, 2007

Virgin-Drive-in-KL tonight!

I would've left the title as "Virgin No More" but it wouldn't have been appropriate, would it?

I think I'm driving to KL tonight!

Yes, I told myself before that I would never drive in KL but HOLY CRAP guess I'm going to.

Destination: Saisaki Japanese Buffet, Wisma UOA II.

I cannot stress how the Internet is a wonderful thing. Google comes second!

All thanks to Google Earth I now know how to get from PJ to Jalan Kia Peng using congested main roads in KL!
And then Google Maps showed how the SMART Tunnel can bring me to Jalan Sultan Ismail and subsequently to wherever.

Fooyoh, I'm talking about road names man.

Friends of this idiot would totally understand how psyched I am.
I always plan my route before I go out. Unfortch, I also always forget to plan a Plan B route.
If someone interrupts me or tells me to take an unexpected turn into God knows where, I would usually forget my pre-planned route. Literally. Blank.

So this is a big step into the congested and complicated world of KL roads.

But this time play safe lor. I'm tailing a friend's car.
I'm going to be having other people's kids in the car, takkan want to risk getting lost in big ol' KL ma... Tee hee.


-Littlenicky- said...

who;s car u tailing? ahahha

sean said...


hwey said...

at first, this was written when bird was still supposed to send you there. Now, it's the imaginary car that we were tailing.

Kl is not cool on weekends... POOI!