Dec 24, 2007

Stop the damn drilling already!

My neighbour's renovating, so most mornings around 9am I'll hear the wall beside me emit really annoying sounds.

Most times, I'll sleep it off. But it's not easy leh!
I'll be disturbed by the noise but then the sloth in me doesn't give up.

This time it didn't work. Annoying Drill - 1, Hwey - 0.

Shortly after that, some SO-HIGH called and said "Hello?" (in a very weird way, might I add). I said "Hello?" and then the scum bag ended the call.

At this point, my gut was boiling. Or I was just hungry.

The second time that person called, I ended the call.
Take that!

Plus, I'm not feeling the Christmas spirit lah.
I think Christmas @ Rawang/Cheras/DJ might not be happening this year. I've heard only la. No word from the women in charge.

Holy crap, what a headline.

Headline: Express bus rams and kills mechanic fixing stalled car
It's very impactful, no?

Excerpt: A driver whose car had stalled and a mechanic summoned to check his vehicle were killed when an express bus ploughed into them at the 263rd kilometre of the North-South Expressway near here, yesterday.

News story from The Star

Ps. We're moving in (hopefully) a month!

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