Dec 27, 2007

Plasma TV Lifts

My mum said she wants to buy a Sony Bravia Flat Panel TV. I saw the price tag and I suppressed an urge to tell her off for wanting to spend that much money on a tv.
I want to be supportive ma.

So now I'm thinking, "where and how is the tv going to be installed?"

Do we mount it, place it (stationary) on top of a cabinet or do we put it in plasma tv lift furnitures?
Plasma tv lifts are devices that will, duh, LIFT your tv up and out from it's enclosure. A cabinet, for instance.

I wonder if there's one that will play the Superman theme song when the tv is being lifted out...


sean said...

lol superman themesong.. its playing in my head now with the image of the tv floating up. how funny.

cheahwey said...

Yes, one of the moments where I have a bright idea.