Dec 28, 2007

I went to work alive and came back dead

My life just got more interesting.

On my first day as an intern, I went on location (all the way in Klang) and I saw Debbie Goh and a good-looking dude, Hudson, whose in the same company as Debbie.
I even saw her cellphone number. Pasted right there on the board. Could've copied it down huh.

Today, I reached the office at 8.45am, which by the way, has a beautiful reception area.
Then I went through the briefing and my boss asked me to go to Klang to see how things work. I spent the rest of the afternoon there until 9.30pm.

I was well fed. Lucky me.
I had more meals than I would normally have on a day where I just bummed around at home. Just for today lah. I don't know about tomorrow though.

I sneaked a photo because I didn't know whether I was allowed to take shots or not. I have to ask my boss.

I have a colleague... No, no. Not colleague. She's probably ranked higher than me since I'm an intern and interns are pond scum. Anyway, she looked like Chia Li.
And then I met another intern from UTAR that looked really familiar, like I saw her from somewhere. She said I looked familiar too but we just can't seem to place each other. What are the odds?

There's one elder guy who does props... he's a fun person. Too bad he's freelancing.
I like him better than THE OTHER GUY. Shhhhh.

Then there are two other dudes that were pretty much sexual harassers to me. Bastards.

Umm.. yeah.

Being an actor is hard work, ya' know. You work really long hours and conditions can be painful for some (people I know). For example la, you're shooting indoors in the afternoon. It's warm. But you can't turn on the fan because that will screw up the audio. So how? Constant sweating la.

But being the production crew also very challenging. You're working almost non-stop and only take breaks for meals and short breaks while the props are being set. You also work really long hours. Really long.

With the working hours, posts may be short and lame because I would be pooped out by the time I get home.
I'm working tomorrow (Saturday) from 4pm to 4am.
It will be tougher because I'll be at Pudu (at some point during those times) and it's a weekend so cars and curious on-lookers will be abundant. Remember, the show's set in the 60s. Can't have a Myvi drive by behind our actors can we?

Zhang & Nicole:
The job is quite tiring and we also work on weekends, so there might not be a suitable time
(to hang out) as yet.

We'll be paid but very little. My boss said the company pays 320/month to interns but he'll try to get us 400. Although, he also said that the money isn't important but the experience that counts. So I will not be optimistic.


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Not 300 meh? I actually find 300 a lot liao leh..

hwey said...

320 also somewhere there wert..

-Littlenicky- said...

u okay or not deng.. 300 i can barely survive lah!!

waliao ur working hours is almost same like hotel leh... no life sial. So, since u'll be going less often, maybe 300-400 is not tht bad.

last time i earn at least 1k per month. no time to go out... since odd hours, so only go clubbing.

so when i quit, i have almost 5k with me lol but then i think now 7788 liao