Dec 30, 2007

I packed drugs at 19 so I could retire early

I'm awfully tired so I'll just post pictures and videos la k?


On my second day, I got to watch a raining scene, crime busting scene and also package drugs for a 1960s criminal.


-pic removed. copyright purposes lah-

They were getting a shot of the girl I suppose. Explains why the guy in the brown suit was out of frame.

-video removed. again, copyright purposes-

The dope which was later filled into little transparent bags. This package was wrong.

Preparing dope for a scene

And then there was this one guy on set called "Uncle" who cursed so much it was funny.
His sentences literally began and ended with vulgarity.


This was at an abandoned house in Jalan Hose, KL (Near Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka) where druggies sleep in.


Turns out, the old school police jeep they used was borrowed from my neighbour.
They painted it black to cover the yellow beneath it.


They're filming in the studio tomorrow where there's a dance scene.

Nicole, your words came true. Edwin called and asked, "Eh, tomorrow night you free ah?"
Party @ Lester's tomorrow night!


siokwah said...

Lester's place??means near my place la..i wanna go...=X

hwey said...

The more I think about it the more I think I heard wrongly. Because that time I baru woke up.

You want to go then let edwin know la.

siokwah said...

hahaha...they all planned too late already man..i've got plan..see u soon woman!!

sean said...

eh how they managed to contact our neighbour? small world aint it?

or u pandai pandai tell your boss got this jeep.

cheahwey said...

No la.. I also dont know how they found it.