Dec 5, 2007

I need plans!


I finished my exam today and didn't know what to do.

What kind of life is this?!

Veronica Mars will not keep me occupied for long!

Well anyway, I used my Friday's voucher today. I'm going to try their steaks on my next visit. New Christmas promotion!

Having studied Advertising, I can't help but take pictures of them when I see an ad that's out of the ordinary.


Then we went to Fotokem and I saw this calender:


Guy model: Cute and hot, at the same time.
Look at his biceps. A bit the "wtf".

And then I saw this BMW in school the other day. I was sitting right there and I saw THE wheel.


Just had to take this comparison shot.
Effing big, can!

Ok, so now I brag about how-well-I'm-doing-but-obviously-not-good-enough in my pre-exam scores.

Desktop Publishing - I got 75 out of 90. The written exam is 100 marks but only 10% will be taken into account. As long as I can get 50 marks for this, I have myself an A. Deng got 74.

Newswriting - I got 56.5 out of 60. Highest in zee whole class. Wee! That's 0.5 marks higher than Deng.

So that's all the bragging for today.

JY's expanded her business to outer nutrition and giving away FREE facials.

She's coming over tomorrow night to give nicole and us one.

Should be fun. That means I have to clean my room. Joy!



-Littlenicky- said...

golden compass? :D

Esther Chin said...

heh! good for you la... I haven't been in TGI Fridays for a very long time. :(

Gzhang said...

Wahseh...JY's totally doing biz only? Not studying?