Dec 1, 2007

I don't want to grow up

Why la connection so slow?

So... I wasted yet another day sleeping and watching videos again.

But I feel good because they're Avril Lavigne's Roxy Theatre's acoustic performance and it reminded me why I wanted to play the guitar.

Yes, yes. So I picked up the guitar and played it for a while.
Hey, it rhymes. Can incorporate it as a lyric, I suppose.

Now, I'm a bit bored.

I'm already starting to plan my Tuesday. Last day of exams before my internship and boy, am I scared.

This means a whole new me is going to emerge. Unless it makes me look better instead of weird, I cannot bear the thought of putting on make up and formal wear for five days in a row.

Ok. Whatever.

Here's Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas Jr. from Dancing With The Stars, dancing to Complicated:

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