Dec 7, 2007

Good morning!

Once again, being nocturnal isn't as fun.

I slept all the way through prime time. No tv for me.

I slept all the way through dinner too. No proper dinner for me.

I only had one meal throughout a 24 hour time period. Nice....

I slept all the way through. I have no life.

No life means no blog material.

No blog material means cannot update.

I think I sleep from 2pm to 12am now.
I'll try going back to sleep again later but no guarantees I'll even lie down on my bed (This sentence was intended for The Mother).

There's one thing though.
I woke up to find an empty Heineken on the desk.
Deng, you naughty naughty girl... Heeheeheeheehee.

I think I'm going to incorporate this picture into my header.


There might be a problem with the width though. Need to figure that out.

Today, I'll be going to Mid Valley to do a bit of shopping so if you want to bump into me, I'll be there at 11-ish.

3pm, I'm having a facial with JY. I hope I don't hit my pimples. I have one right beside my mouth. Hurts like hell.

Evening, Bernardo will be coming over.

How eventful, tomorrow will be.

And and... Veronica Mars Season 1 is finished!
Imma zooming off now. Later, Alligator.

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