Dec 3, 2007

Family Blog or Personal Blog?

My mum asked me if she could make known the existence of my blog to her sisters in which I reacted with an expression as such:


Albeit I'm not a Macaulay Culkin, nor am I an XY, the nicely edited picture might I add, is still what I'm experiencing.

I said, "Like that I can't write about family anymore lor..."

Like how I wrote about my cousin's crush on the other.

No more secrets.

And the world would suck if there were no secrets.
Gone are the days where one would bitch about someone on their blogs and act all angelic in front of the "bitched".

But mostly, I won't be able to stand filtering so much information that makes up my life.

So, MUM, let me think about it k?

There was this funny thing.

The other day I saw that someone was reading my archives, post by post.
Then Deng said someone was reading her monthly archives.

Today, Mum mentioned this and I asked her, "I checked and there was this person reading my archives, post by post. Was that you??"

Deng chimed in and asked too.

Turns out it WAS Mum.


Jasonmumbles said...

You are doomed!


pinksterz said...

omg my parents also found out my blog last time!

it was like your security blanket was taken off!

hwey said...

Wei, why like that...

I can take it if my immediate family members read it, but it's a whole new sensation I'm feeling when I think about aunts and more cousins reading it.


Did it affect the way you wrote during that period? Content wise maybe?

Jasonmumbles said...

LOL. My blog is now read by all family members and relatives of mine.

-Littlenicky- said...

OMG. eh ur mum wont read ur fren'ss blog wan rite?

if yes.. remove my name wei


hwey said...

Whoa, clap clap. You're a survivor!

Why so scared? Got something to hide ah? Hahaha.

siokwah said...

serious?me too wei..someone read my monthly archives also..dont tell me,it's ur mum too..hahaa

*Ynot said...

how do yall check yer archive views??

hwey said...

I dont think so kua. But if it is her, most likely she came from Deng's. I don't link you as "siokwah" or disclose that you're the screen name you're using.


Jasonmumbles said...

Survivor, indeed. Now, there are really a lot of stuffs I can't blog. Not that I blog bad things about them, just, you will feel restricted. Letting my parents read my blog makes me blog by holding a little back. Hate it whenever they threaten not to give me pocket money if I don't give them the password to the protected entries. Sien.

Jasonmumbles said...

Oh oh, and how they use the things you blog against you too! I hate that too.

hwey said...


sean said...

mom stalking? very IN wei.