Dec 25, 2007

Dude! This Christmas sucks!

Bad timing!
I still haven't gotten an answer about my internship opportunities because everyone's on leave until after Christmas so I spent Christmas feeling anxious and stressed out. Or it's my PMS.

Office attire. Or the lack of.
Why can't people go to work in tees and jeans?! Isn't that WAY more comfortable?!

I have to start applying for a place in Murdoch but I have to take my IELTS first (probably in March). And get my results which should arrive any time soon.

I'm so miserable I fidget all the time.

And yeah, no family gathering this year.


Christmas of 2007 was spent napping, watching Veronica Mars, eating and fidgeting at home.

I'm going insane.

Someone, take me away!

I don't want to graduate anymore.


ShuKuen7788 said...

Jingle Pau, Jingle Pau....
Jingle Cha Siew pau....
Lin Yoong Pau, Tau Sa Pau...
Siew mai... Loh Mai Kai...... :p
Merry X'Mas & Happy New Year!!

Robin said...

so do i dude...this year christmas really suck up!!!

cheahwey said...

shukuen: Yes, give thanks to wonderful Paus!

robin: *nod* What's up with the sucky Christmas huh?