Dec 22, 2007

Don't Kill the Pigs!

Three Little Pigs was my favourite book evarrr! (Source)

I don't know if I've mentioned this but when I was younger and told to go to sleep, I would fetch a book from the book rack, snag either my grandpa's torchlight or one I could find, cover Deng and myself with a blanket and read the book with just a torchlight.
I think we would even have each other take turns to read paragraph by paragraph.

I guess I can't blame my almost non-existent eyesight on reading Three Little Pigs at night anymore. Here's why.

An excerpt:

"Reading in dim light won't damage your eyes, you don't need eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy and shaving your legs won't make the hair grow back faster.

These well-worn theories are among seven "medical myths" exposed in a paper published Friday in the British Medical Journal, which traditionally carries light-hearted features in its Christmas edition. Two U.S. researchers took seven common beliefs and searched the archives for evidence to support them."

I watched National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets with me cousin yesterday.

I think they have more humour than they did the first time around.
Some scenes are simply too memorable to forget and I loved Helen Mirren in it.
Although, I got reminded of the first film a bunch of times.
Generally, it's a positive feeling.

TGV's cheaper for students!

Dinner from the other night.

Wah so healthy...


But if you dig a little deeper...



-Littlenicky- said...

why didnt call me? haha i go over cook for u lor...

i get u my celery lol

cheahwey said...

Don't worry, next time dinner emergency I call you!