Dec 15, 2007

A date with Dorothy tomorrah

I'm going to see Dorothy tomorrow. Yes, I have named the new house.
Please don't crucify me, the name just popped up from no where.

I'm not even sure if the house is a He or She.
No matter what sex (Sex and Gender is different; with sex being the physical aspect and gender being the psychological aspect of a person) that house may be, it's a beaut.

Don't worry, I'll remember to take pictures while sweating on Deng during lunch.

I have to go there tomorrow to help clean up while electrical items are being fixed.
They've finished painting Dorothy to a nice shade of Faded Frog Poo Green so the next step is to install the lights, fans, air conditioners, clean up some more and then it's the furniture.

Seeing as I've done nothing but eaten the whole day, the sweat (as gross as it is) is something I'm looking forward to.
There's nothing more enjoyable than sweating like a pig and stinking up the car on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

I actually thought today was Sunday. Doh!

The next ad coming in for my Nuffnang banner is from Taylor's. It was funny.
What would I have done if I had too much KDU pride?

Ps. Disclosure Policy updated.

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